Women Charged with Domestic Violence in Toronto

The Unintended Consequences of Mandatory Charge Policies

The study suggests that the inability to determine adominant aggressor and/or the sole charging of abused women appear to be a result of two interrelated factors: mandatory charge policies are implemented in a gender neutral way and criminal justice practices rely upon a notion of violence that is “act-based” or “incident–based,” rather than relational and contextually-based.

Type/Format of Resource: WomanACT publications

Category/Topic of interest:
    Woman Abuse
    Emotional Abuse
    Physical Abuse
    Sexual Abuse
    Psychological Abuse
    Financial Abuse
    Older women abuse
    Aboriginal Woman and Abuse
    Immigrant/Refugee Woman and Abuse

Population Group:
    Victims / Survivors
    Immigrant/Refugee Women
    Aboriginal Women
    Pregnant Women

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Year of Publication: 2005

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     WomenCharged (Acrobat PDF file)

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