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Bridging Gaps and Building A Picture for Change
Get Familiar with our Policies Matter Project
Ready to finally access, navigate and explore WomanACTs newest and most innovative web based tool? No better time than today! Hopefully by now you are familiar with the Policies Matter Project, a collaborative research and examination initiative undertaken by WomanACT, the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic and Elizabeth Fry Toronto. ...more

End Violence Against Women Week in Toronto
in Review
On behalf of Harmy Mendoza, Executive Director, and the WomanACT team, we are so proud and happy to announce that the End Violence Against Women Week in Toronto was a massive success! With over 200 attendees from various organizations across the GTA, we as a group of strong and passionate frontline workers, advocates, lawyers and policy makers were able to connect, share and discuss better ways to protect and serve women and children fleeing violence. ...more

Making Connections Free Training Registration Now Open
When Domestic Violence, Mental Health and Substance Use Co-Occur
We have opened the wait list to register for this free training taking place during our End Violence Against Women Week in Toronto. The conference takes place the week of March 2nd - 6th, 2015 and provides training to front line staff in the Violence Against Women, Child Protective Services, Justice, Mental Health and Substance Use sectors. ...more

News Update!
Technology and Violence Against Women: The Double Edge Sword
On March 11, posted a thoughtful article highlighting the diverse ways in which technology and social media are being used to simultaneously aid and hinder women experiencing abuse and domestic violence in Canada. Author Jennifer Hough notes that on the one hand, front line workers in the Violence Against Women sector are able to use sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to track children at risk, locate absentee fathers, collect hard evidence required in legal cases and create social media awareness campaigns. At the same time, technology has created a vast space where new forms of VAW can be perpetrated, most often anonymously and at-a-distance. Lisa Tomlinson, the current supervisor of an Intake Domestic Violence Team at the Childrens Aid Society of Toronto elaborated in this article stating:

We have huge problems with women being stalked and traced through Facebook&.We see women who are given phones by a spouse as a tracking device. Part of our safety plan is to show women how to disable that. We've had men who've opened up pages just to intimidate a woman and you think if they are doing that, what else are they doing? ...more

Perpetuating Myths, Denying Justice:
Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act
Thank you to community partners who took the time to come out to support and endorse SALCO's statement: Prevention and Protection VS Criminalization. ...more

PRESS STATEMENT for Immediate Release
Response to Ombudsman Investigation into the Citys Below Market Rent (BMR) Program
The 1652 Keele Street Community Alliance (the undersigned), is a group of non-profit community groups providing key services to Toronto residents. In February 2012 The 1652 Keele Street Community Alliance made a formal complaint to the Ombudsman. This complaint was a result of the city's decision to raise their rent by 550% "requiring them to move from a rate of $3.20 per square foot to $17.74 per square foot." ...more

Trauma-Informed Services and Screening for Abuse
Collaborating across sectors to ensure screening and woman abuse/sexual assault/trauma-informed services are implemented as best practices by services for women. ...more

WomanACT Seeking New Board Members
Deadline for Appliations is Fast Approaching
We are currently seeking three (3) board members who are working in at least a senior management position in a council agency and have a high level of understanding of the issues facing the women abuse sector and/or related experience in fundraising, risk management and/or general leadership. ...more

WomanACT Soul of a Warrior Award
The WomanACT Soul of a Warrior is a new award given to an exceptional front line worker in the Violence against Women sector. Nominees for this award must work in Toronto and show commitment to advocacy for improving the lives of women and children experiencing violence. ...more


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