Quitting Smoking for Women

The Easy Way for Women to Stop Smoking

Changes You Can See Your skin will look healthier. Quitting can help clear up blemishes and protect your skin from premature aging and wrinkling. It will also help wounds heal better. You'll have a cleaner mouth. Quitting will make your teeth brighter and gums healthier. Your breath will also smell better. Quitting can reduce belly fat and lower your risk of diabetes. If you already have diabetes, quitting can help you manage your blood sugar levels. Buy chantix and your sense of taste and smell will improve. When you quit you'll taste foods better and you'll smell things like foods, flowers, and other scents better.

Emotional Benefits of Quitting. Quitting can improve your quality of life and boost your mood. After you become smokefree you will experience many positive changes. Below are some things you may experience after quitting. You'll feel more in control of your life. Being smokefree means that you won't have to plan your life around smoking, worry about finding places to smoke, or worry about bothering others. Your hair, clothes, home, car, and breath won't smell like smoke anymore. You'll have more money. You'll have more energy to walk, play with your kids, or be active. Your loved ones will be proud of you. You'll feel empowered and proud of your success.

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