Women's Voices for Action Committee

The Women's Voices for Action Committee is composed of women survivors of abuse who play a critically important advisory role and provide input into the work of the Council, including policy and program development.

The members of Women’s Voices for Action Committee attend monthly meetings where the current work of the Council is discussed. Committee representatives try to attend at all meetings of the standing committees of the Council.

Members of the Committee have also been invited to join external advisory committees and policy review and training initiatives to bring forward the voice and experience of survivors.

Some of the key initiatives that have come out of this Committee are: the Women’s Speaker’s Bureau, Silent Witness, Walk the Talk to End Violence Against Women and Women’s court Watch.

Women’s Voices for Action Committee members provide their services on a voluntary basis to the Council. In order to ensure that members do not incur expenses, the Council provides members with an honorarium and reimbursement for babysitting and transportation expenses. There are currently six active members.

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Projects and Activities of Women’s Voices for Action

a. VAW Newsletter - "Our Voice"

On April 16th, 2009 Women's Voices for Action launched "Our Voice" a newsletter to keep all members of the Woman Abuse Council of Toronto Community informed of the most current activities and initiatives of the Council ...more

b. Women’s Speakers Bureau

In 2006, members of our active Women’s Speakers’ Bureau made over 45 presentations to groups ranging in size from 10 to 300 people. Members of the Speaker’s Bureau have had extensive media experience and have been interviewed by a variety of media including print, radio and television. Women who are survivors of abuse are available to speak to community groups about the impact of abuse on their own lives. They describe the need for the community to take action and encourage agencies to develop mechanisms to involve survivors of abuse in their planning and programs.

Speakers are available to speak on a variety of issues related to woman abuse. Contact us if you would like to book a speaker for your community or social action event. Agencies/ organizations are requested to provide an honorarium for each speaking engagement

Call the Woman Abuse Council at 416-944-9242 ext 225 or email Harmy Mendoza at

c. Walk the Talk Shoe Exhibit

Walk the Talk Shoe Exhibit commemorates Ontario women who were killed by their intimate partners. Community agencies and family members donated and decorated a pair of shoes for each woman and child murdered. The display helps viewers appreciate the real people behind woman abuse statistics. To mount the display in your area or at an event, please contact the Woman Abuse Council.

d. Silent Witness

Silent Witness is an interactive, dramatic workshop that is designed to increase understanding about the barriers women in abusive situations face when they seek help. To book a workshop, please contact us

e. Healing Expression Workshop

We have developed workshops that use creative expression to help survivors of abuse to heal and to learn more about their communities.  Workshops are appropriate for general women's groups or groups specifically dealing with the issue of woman abuse.  We can tailor the session to the needs of your specific group.

The goals of the workshops are to provide a safe, creative and gentle way to talk about woman abuse and the effects of trauma; to share information and strategies to promote physical and emotional well being; to give women a message that healing and living free from abuse is possible and to promote information about community resources that provide assistance to women experiencing abuse. Agencies/ organizations are requested to provide an honorarium for each workshop.

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Pathways to Healing Workshop (Word document)


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