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The Woman Abuse Council of Toronto (WomanACT) is a policy development and planning body that coordinates an efficient and effective approach to providing services for assaulted women and their families. The 30 person general council is made up of senior level representatives of each of the key sectors in the community response to woman abuse.

As a coordinating body, the Council: identifies gaps in service; supports and facilitates policy development and pilot projects; and undertakes research and actions that promote institutional and systemic change.

End Violence against Women Week in Toronto

Each year, WomanACT provides coordination support to a number of agencies in our community. These agencies provide important services to women and children whose lives are affected by violence.

Working in collaboration with community leaders, WomanACT coordinates Toronto's End Violence Against Women Week. An entire week of education, training, policy development and planning that consists of forums, panel discussions, keynote speakers, and cross-sectoral training. The audience includes front line workers in the Health, VAW, Substance Use, Mental Health and Child Protection Services sectors in Toronto.  For more information visit our website: End Violence Against Women Week in Toronto

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