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The Woman Abuse Council of Toronto (WomanACT) is a policy development and planning body that coordinates an efficient and effective approach to providing services for assaulted women and their families. The 30 person general council is made up of senior level representatives of each of the key sectors in the community response to woman abuse.

As a coordinating body, the Council: identifies gaps in service; supports and facilitates policy development and pilot projects; and undertakes research and actions that promote institutional and systemic change.

WomanACT has a network of standing committees that generally meet monthly and are made up of front line service providers. One of the most important philosophic principles of the Council is that the voices of women survivors should inform policy and program development and planning. WomanACT is pleased to support Women's Voices for Action - the committee of the Council composed of women survivors.

Women’s Voices for Action

Women’s Voices for Action plays a vital role in informing and directing the actions of the Council. This role reflects WomanACT’s belief that we must work toward a reality where all community agencies are accountable to women who have experienced abuse and violence. …more

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Bridging Gaps and Building A Picture for Change
Get Familiar with our Policies Matter Project
Ready to finally access, navigate and explore WomanACTs newest and most innovative web based tool? No better time than today! Hopefully by now you are familiar with the Policies Matter Project, a collaborative research and examination initiative undertaken by WomanACT, the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic and Elizabeth Fry Toronto. ...more

End Violence Against Women Week in Toronto
in Review
On behalf of Harmy Mendoza, Executive Director, and the WomanACT team, we are so proud and happy to announce that the End Violence Against Women Week in Toronto was a massive success! With over 200 attendees from various organizations across the GTA, we as a group of strong and passionate frontline workers, advocates, lawyers and policy makers were able to connect, share and discuss better ways to protect and serve women and children fleeing violence. ...more

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